Why you should compare fleet insurance – FAQs

As regular readers of our blog will know, we’re keen to encourage questions from our customers and potential customers.

Here are some FAQs we’ve heard recently and more importantly, our best efforts at dealing with them!

Why is it necessary for you to compare fleet insurance regularly on our behalf?

Strictly speaking, it isn’t.

You can, of course, simply stay with your existing policy for as long as you wish but if you adopt that approach, you might be missing out on opportunities.

That’s because we know that the market is constantly evolving and we keep abreast of that for you. It means we offer products that are suitable for your needs.

That’s why you can have confidence in Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers to protect your interests.

Do you offer van fleet insurance?


With vans accounting for more than a fifth of all traffic on UK roads, there is little doubt that many will be fleet vans and that’s why there are a lot of policies to choose from.

Sometimes though, lots of choice also brings with it lots of potential confusion. That’s where we come in through our services associated with being able to compare fleet insurance.

Why have I seen mention of driver convictions?

Typically, insurance providers need to understand the risks they’re taking on. This allows them to price their policies accordingly.

Drivers that have certain types of motoring conviction (e.g. dangerous driving) may constitute a higher risk of accidents and subsequent claims. As such, some insurers may require a much higher premium to cover them whilst others may decline to do so altogether.

Please contact us to find out more on this subject.

Are there any vehicle types that fleet insurance won’t cover?

There may be if they’re highly unusual or non-standard (i.e. have been modified away from their original design or configuration). It’s hard to give a definitive statement here because so much would depend upon the specific circumstances.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation. You have a fleet of flatbed lorries that are all modern apart from one that is a 1920s steam-powered vehicle you use for special PR-related deliveries.

In such circumstances, we might suggest that the vintage vehicle would be coverable under a special category of vintage commercial vehicle insurance.

Once again, we should be able to deal with almost any set of circumstances you have – just contact us for an initial discussion.

Can I use my fleet vehicles outside of the UK?


There may be different cover required if you’re using your fleet in the EU (including Norway and Switzerland) versus countries outside of the EU such as Belarus, Turkey and Russia.

Can I cover my haulage fleet for the Middle East?

The Middle East is a slightly open to interpretation geographic term.

Back in the 1970s, HGV’s would regularly run overland from the UK to Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, as part of normal commercial road haulage enterprise. It was almost routine.

Today, sadly, the world has changed and security is now a major issue in much of the region due largely due to war and/or terrorism. Although overland road haulage to the region still takes place, in the modern world it’s much rarer and far more specialist than it once was. It also often now includes transhipment.

For some countries in the area, the war risk for certain insurers might prove to be too high and they will typically decline cover.

However, we would once again ask you to speak with us about this sort of specialised policy. We could say more with authority once we knew exactly what you were considering. We might be able to assist.