Comparing motor fleet insurance – and other FAQs

At Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers, we’re used to dealing with questions from our clients or those who are considering using our services.

We like to periodically share some of those in our blog. Our last FAQs blog a few weeks back proved very popular, so we’re covering a few related questions here by way of expanding on them.

We hope you’ll find these useful.

What else is there to compare in fleet insurance, apart from the price?

Quite a lot in fact!

While a heavy focus on cost is perfectly understandable, that shouldn’t hide the fact that policies can vary from each other in many other respects too.

To take one example, some motor fleet insurance quotations might offer unlimited mileage. Others might specify maximum annual mileage assumptions that could be, in your particular situation, unrealistically low. Plug your realist estimates into them and you might see the premium soar.

So, there’s a lot to look at and compare rather than just the price.

How can anyone, apart from me, estimate my total annual mileages?

They can’t.

However, some insurance providers may use attention-grabbing headline prices that make assumptions about average annual mileages. Statistically that might be sound and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with it – except of course that it may be completely irrelevant to you.

There is no substitute for discussing your exact situation with a specialist who will then offer some pertinent quotes.

Can you cover a mixed vehicle fleet?

Typically, yes, we can source such policies.

Do be aware though that some providers’ policies might not cover mixed fleets comprising, say, cars and vans together. It’s worth being clear.

Will my policy cover my vehicles when they’re in a garage under repair?

This is something we’d need to discuss the specifics of with you to be clear what you mean.

Broadly speaking, under law, a garage is responsible for the security and safety of your vehicle while it’s in their charge (i.e. their control). So, any damage, accidents or theft suffered in such situations, should be covered by their insurance.

That’s not to say though that your insurance is silent on the subject!

Do call us for a more detailed discussion.

What happens if one of my drivers has motoring convictions?

A lot will depend upon the gravity of the convictions but in any case, you must notify the insurance provider of such facts at the time you take out your cover.

This may affect the premium or in some severe cases, cover for individuals with certain types of conviction might not be possible.

Why is cover for newly qualified drivers sometimes an issue?

While we typically can provide motor fleet insurance cover for younger drivers with appropriate licence permissions, yes, this can sometimes be a problem with other providers.

The problem is that three things are frequently confused here:

  • the age in years of a driver;
  • their licence qualifications;
  • their experience in years.

So, a relatively young driver might have far more on-the-road experience than a middle-aged driver who has only just achieved the required licence permissions.

Some motor fleet insurance providers use age as the ultimate measure, some use experience and some concentrate exclusively on the licence. Please just give us a call to find out more – it’s easier when explained verbally rather than in writing!

Can I or my colleagues use a vehicle for personal purposes?

Yes, providing you have specified that mixed-use is your intention.

It’s worth remembering that underwriters typically differentiate between business use and personal (or mixed). It’s worth being very clear in your specification and to double-check what your policy actually says about it – unless it’s one we’ve provided, in which case we’ll clarify that for you.