Commercial fleet insurance

A recent survey conducted by the online magazine for the freight industry, Commercial Fleet, reveals that:

  • nearly 70% of respondents reported an increase in their insurance premiums;
  • 20% or so said that they had gone down; and,
  • the remainder believed they had stayed more or less the same.

At Alan Blunden Fleet Insurance Brokers our aim is to make sure that you get the most comprehensive fleet insurance protection for your business, whilst still being cost-effective.

Here’s how we help businesses save money on their fleet insurance costs …

Benefits of fleet insurance

Businesses who are running three or more vehicles as part of their day to day operations are already likely to know the cost savings to be made by arranging fleet insurance – a single policy that covers all of their vehicles – compared to separate insurance for each vehicle in turn.

Those savings are based on the fact that:

  • insurers are happy to grant discounts to customers buying cover for more than one vehicle at a time; and
  • there are administrative savings to be made if you no longer have to track renewal dates for each individual vehicle – dates which are likely to be spread throughout the year and might be all too easy, and expensive, to miss.

Chasing still greater savings

If you are looking to make savings on the cost of keeping your business vehicles properly insured, however, the story does not just end with fleet insurance – there are additional ways to cut costs too:

Specialist brokers

  • a specialist broker of fleet insurance – such as ourselves – is likely to understand that no two businesses are alike and to appreciate the specific needs and requirements of your particular operation;
  • not only that, but our knowledge and experience of the wider insurance market, also allows us to match your needs and requirements with the insurance products available – and especially those which represent especially good value for money, so saving you the cost of getting things wrong;


  • insurers are, of course, only prepared to cover drivers who hold the appropriate category of licence for the vehicle you have asked them to drive;
  • even where they are qualified to driver, however, some insurers attach restrictions – or increase premiums – for drivers below a certain age;
  • the policies we arrange here at Alan Blunden, however, extend cover to any suitably qualified driver, whatever their age – helping to ensure that you pay no more than is necessary for the insurance cover you need;


  • some insurers may also impose a total annual mileage limit on your vehicle fleet – with penalties to pay if you exceed that limit;
  • you may save further money, therefore, by purchasing your fleet insurance at Alan Blunden, where the policies we provide come with unlimited mileage allowances;


  • a conventional way of saving on the cost of insurance premiums is to shoulder more of the risks yourself by agreeing to an additional voluntary excess;
  • you may still make that decision with respect to fleet insurance, lowering the price you pay in premiums in return for agreeing to a greater excess.

No claims discounts

  • just as with other forms of motor insurance, business fleet insurance also earns you valuable discounts if you make no claims during the course of the year.

Whether or not you are one of those operators who has noticed an increase in your fleet insurance premiums this year, there are still further savings you may be able to make on those costs. Why not get in touch today?