Small Business Fleet Insurance Tips

Over our many years’ experience of offering fleet cover, we’ve given countless individual tips to our clients.

From time to time, we at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers like to share these with a wider audience. So, here goes!

Think “fleet” – however small your business is

It’s surprising how often we encounter companies who think that fleet insurance won’t apply to them because they’re not big enough.

Well, you don’t need a cast of thousands to qualify for the benefits of fleet cover! In fact, our fleet insurance policies can start with as few as three vehicles. That might prove to be a significant financial advantage for you over taking out an individual policy for each of your three vehicles.

The bottom line is very simple here – just contact us and we’ll talk you through why this type of policy might be advantageous.

Don’t doze off at annual renewal time

We’ve all done it – just letting an insurance auto-renewal drift through because it doesn’t seem worthwhile thinking about it. It’s easy to start believing that you’ve got other things that are more pressing.

Now this is one of our most frequently offered tips but it remains valid – talk to us in the runup to your fleet cover renewal. We might well be able to bring to your attention that new products and deals are available on the market and that can only be beneficial to you.

Of course, if you’re already with us then we’ll do all this automatically for you.

Look closely at mileage allowances on policies

Some people have been unpleasantly surprised by the fact that their fleet cover imposes strict annual mileage limits.

This is unnecessary because our policies offer unlimited mileage as well as mixed cover for vans, trucks and cars etc.

So, read your policy carefully on this subject if you’d like to avoid future shocks – or better still, talk to us.

Manage your cost drivers

A few things can drive up your premiums, subject to the nature of your fleet policy.

Typically, they might include:

There are some other things in this domain too. We can highlight those to you and if you can address them or even just some of them, you may see your premiums fall.

Cover personal and business use in your policy – if appropriate

This is important because for some companies, it’s not always possible to clearly distinguish between commercial and personal use.

It’s worth being clear that if, for example, you allow your colleagues the use of a vehicle at weekends then that will typically constitute personal not business use. If they then have an accident and your policy stipulates commercial use only, then you may have a problem with your claim.

To avoid such issues arising, look for a policy that can provide integrated cover for both.

Talk to someone who knows fleet insurance inside-out

Fleet insurance cover isn’t something that an insurance provider can do “a bit of now and then” whilst still offering rounded and appropriate in-depth advice.

It’s highly advisable to seek an insurance provider who really knows the domain and has worked in it for many years.

OK, that sounds like us – and it is!