Saving money on your van fleet insurance

Yes, we know that this title is likely to have caught your eye.

After all, who wouldn’t wish to save money on their van fleet insurance if possible?

The dimensions

The title though isn’t just an eye-catcher. In fact, it’s a very real possibility through Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers. Let’s see how saving money on your van fleet insurance might typically be achieved.

The first thing to consider is the fact that you may well have a fleet of vehicles without even thinking of it as such. With vans accounting for more than a fifth of all traffic on UK roads, there is little doubt that many will be fleet vans in the sense that they’re one of several owned by a single company.

Why does that matter?

In our experience, some businesses tend to associate the idea of having a van fleet with vast scale and major national or international corporate businesses. In reality, if you have three or more vans, then you have a fleet in potential insurance terms.

That in turn is important because you might be able to benefit from van fleet insurance policies.

Van fleet cover

There is one very good reason why you might be able to save money through this type of policy:-

  • just like any other business, insurers typically like to reward volume customers.

There’s no great secret or mystery. We might typically be able to source a van fleet insurance policy for you that is substantially more cost-effective than insuring each of your vehicles individually. It’s as simple as that!

Of course, there are other advantages too. Just to select one of those – imagine how much simpler it might be needing to deal with one policy, one insurer and one set of renewals instead of say three, five, eight and so on, as would be the case if you insured each of your vans separately.


There’s no need to worry that everything would be different if you switched to a fleet cover policy.

In fact, in most respects you’d see little other change. No claims discounts would still apply, you might be able to accept a higher optional excess if you wished and so on.

In our opinion, it’s not easy to see an argument for why a business with three or more commercial vehicles would not wish to change to fleet cover.

However, to find out more, why not give us a call for an entirely non-committal chat?

Let’s discuss the nature of your vehicles and just what we might be able to do to help you save money and perhaps also a lot of administrative effort.

We look forward to hearing from you!