Motor fleet insurance offers a way of cutting your business costs whilst ensuring that essential cover for all your vehicles remains safely in place.

What is fleet insurance?

Just as the name suggests, fleet insurance provides insurance cover for multiple vehicles, rather than insuring each one on an individual basis.

What does it cover?

In essence, fleet insurance works in much the same way as any other type of motor insurance.

It meets the basic minimum legal requirement for third party insurance (typically, an unlimited amount for physical injury claims and, depending on the insurer, property damage claims of up to £20 million for any private motor cars involved and up to £5 million for other property damage).

Just as with other forms of motor insurance, however, you may choose more comprehensive levels of insurance, covering accidental damage to the insured vehicles, and other benefits which might include for example, new for old replacement of vehicles declared as a total loss, replacement transport whilst an insured vehicle is undergoing accident repairs, or a claims recovery service for uninsured losses (such as any excess attaching to a policy).

Who might it be suitable for?

Practically any business relies on access to some form of motor transport – and very many businesses rely on a fleet of vehicles serving various purposes, from collecting supplies and raw materials, to making deliveries to customers, or simply transporting staff from one place to another.

Keeping all those vehicles road-ready and legally insured, might have you keeping track of each and every renewal date throughout the year.

This is a time consuming and costly use of your administrative resources.

Fleet insurance, on the other hand, lets you bring all your insurance needs, for all your vehicles, under a single policy, with just one renewal date. With only one renewal date to schedule, your monitoring and management of motor insurance is considerably reduced, so saving you time and money – and averting the possibility of your forgetting or overlooking the need to keep all your vehicles road-ready and properly insured.

In addition to the savings you are likely to make in administrative time and effort, fleet insurance brings you the further benefit of reducing your overall motor insurance bill.

Since you are looking to insure multiple vehicles at the same time, the unit cost of insurance premiums is also likely to reduce, and put us in a strong position to negotiate on your behalf some of the most competitive rates and terms on the market.

Great Benefits

  • Great Savings on your Motor Fleet insurance
  • Unlimited mileage on your business fleet of cars
  • Policies available from just 3+ vehicles
  • Cover for any age of suitably qualified driver

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