Finding fleet insurance quotes

Every business is different. The majority are likely to rely in some shape or form on a number of motor vehicles to serve the business – for the transport of supplies, deliver of products or getting members of staff from one place to another whilst visiting customers or doing their jobs.

Because each business is different, the insurance needs for its fleet of vehicles is also almost certain to be different – even between businesses operating very similar sized fleets or, indeed, the very same vehicles in that fleet.

These are the differences which need to be taken into account when finding your fleet insurance quotes. How do you do that?

Consult the experts

  • just as you might think that no one knows your own business as well as you, so you might also think you have taped every last insurance need of your vehicle fleet – whether that is just a couple of vehicles strong or whether the fleet numbers tens of vehicles;
  • that confidence might suffer an expensive blow, however, if you overlook some critical aspect of the insurance cover you need – or, even worse, fall foul of the law for having arranged inappropriate insurance;

A personal service

Finding fleet insurance quotes on your behalf, however, is only part of our role.

We aim to provide a service that is thoroughly professional, yet friendly and based on personal contact between real people. Not for us the remote and anonymous call centre, where you might be met by the disembodied voice of an agent less than familiar with the insurance products being sold.

When looking for your fleet insurance quote, you are likely to find more helpful the advice you receive from a well-informed and dedicated professional prepared to spend the time in building a relationship with you and truly understanding your particular needs.

The network of insurers

When choosing your broker, you might also take comfort and confidence in the knowledge that we are not tied to any particular insurance provider, but maintain a panel of more than 15 insurers, all of whom offer the fleet insurance products you may need. Our choice from such a wide range of potential providers means that we are able to identify the specific requirements of your business fleet and tailor the insurance cover accordingly.