Comparing fleet insurance

It’s easy to say “make sure you compare fleet insurance policies before choosing” – but what does that mean?

Comparisons between policies

Let’s be perfectly frank. If it was easy to compare one fleet policy against another, then everyone would be doing it rather than just specialists like us.

To take a slightly tongue in cheek example; imagine going to see your doctor when unwell. In response to your symptoms, he or she responds by laying out a series of medications, saying “which of these do you think will cure your illness?”

You might, understandably, be less than amused.

Of course, if that is how your GP actually does practice, then it might be time for a change!

Now, we at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers are certainly not trying to compare ourselves to doctors or our clients to patients. What we doing though is to point out that selecting fleet insurance can be complicated and work for a specialist.

That’s our mission – to help you find suitable and cost effective cover without you needing to turn yourself into an insurance broker in the process.

How we operate

We’ve sometimes encountered views to the effect that comparing fleet insurance is essentially all about finding the cheapest policy.

In fact, price alone is something that doesn’t feature at the top of our selection criteria and approach. What we do consider is the cost-effectiveness of a policy and to do that we need to carefully read the policy’s conditions and evaluate them against the premium.

We need to do that because the cover offered by different policies can vary quite significantly from one to another. That’s something we know from the past can surprise some of our clients. It’s important for you to be clear on that because finding out that your policy doesn’t cover ‘xyz’ is not something you’ll wish to discover for the first time if you’re trying to make a claim.

Sample factors

These are just a few of the things we’ll be looking at when evaluating a fleet policy and its fitness for purpose against your individual and unique situation:

  • whether there are vehicle age restrictions on certain components of cover – including replacement vehicles under qualifying circumstances;
  • unacceptably high mandatory excess levels or as a flipside to that, opportunities for reducing premiums by opting for higher voluntary excess levels;
  • restrictions on drivers that might be difficult or even sometimes near impossible to comply with;
  • whether the policy is designed with fleet sizes/natures that are similar to yours (not all are – some policies may be targeted at very large fleets, others at essentially owner-driver plus 1 scenarios);
  • the efficiency and reputation of the provider’s claims handling services;
  • their overall market reputation;

We understand the pressures that most private or commercial fleet managers operate under. Times are tough and finances tight.

That’s why we’re committed to deploying the full range of our skills to putting only credible and attractive fleet insurance propositions on the table in front of you.

That’s our job and we know we’re good at it. So, why not give us a call and find out for yourself?