Compare Fleet Insurance

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily easy to draw comparisons between one policy and another.

However, with vans accounting for more than a fifth of all traffic on UK roads, there is little doubt that many will be fleet vans and that means that there will be lots of polices out there. Therefore, it’s perhaps never been more important to be sure that you’re getting appropriate cover.

Why policies differ

It’s a fact that not all insurance providers and underwriters see life in the same way.

Some consider certain types of risk to be less acceptable than others. As such, they might not refuse to cover it (though they might!) but they’ll require a higher premium to do so.

As insurance is all about identifying and covering risk, this explains why policies can not only differ so much in terms of content but also in how much you’ll be expected to pay for them.

The typical differences

It’s very difficult to be specific about those differences in isolation. Clearly the issues for you and your policy will differ depending upon for example, if you have a mixed fleet of cars and trucks or a homogenous fleet of many different vans of the same type.

Here at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers, we like to see and discuss matters with our clients before trying to compare fleet insurance policies. However, in our experience, some of the following general areas are those where policies may differ most:

  • restricted versus unlimited annual mileages;
  • young drivers, even those with appropriate licences (some policies simply won’t cover them);
  • drivers with motoring convictions – this is another area where there can be huge differences;
  • whether you can pay your premiums by monthly instalments to spread the cost;
  • mixed fleet provisions (some policies only offer exclusively commercial use cover);
  • as touched on above, whether they can support mixed vehicle type fleets;
  • predictably, price!

It’s a lot to take in and evaluate when trying to compare fleet insurance – which is where we operate of course.

Other factors

There are many other things that need to be considered when making a selection.

They might include:

  • how well the provider really knows the fleet insurance marketplace;
  • their claims handling process. Hopefully you’ll never need to put them to the test but if you are forced to at a future date, that won’t be the time to discover inefficiencies and poor service;
  • their track record. New entrant policy providers may have innovation and interesting new products to offer but that needs to be balanced against their lack of a track record;
  • the customer service ethos. This is intangible and no policy provider sets out to deliberately offer a poor customer service experience but for all sorts of reasons, this is an area some companies struggle in.


If you have lots and lots of spare time plus a burning hobby-like interest in the insurance industry then you could, theoretically, do most of the above evaluation yourself

On the other hand, if you have better things to do with your time then the above work is best left to someone like us. This is our specialist marketplace and nobody knows it better than we do.

Why not contact us on 01702 826060 and let us demonstrate the reality of that to you?