Commercial Fleet Insurance: need to knows

We really enjoy the contact we have with our customers and potential customers.

It’s all about providing advice and guidance and on that basis, we’ve tried below to list a few important points you might need to be aware of in the domain of commercial fleet insurance.

We hope you find them useful!

Fleet policies exist

If you have three or more commercial vehicles in your fleet, then we may be able to offer a fleet insurance policy.

Why would this interest you? There are two main reasons:

  • as with just about any bulk purchasing, this might prove to be more cost-effective for you than taking out say three individual policies;
  • you should be able to save time, due to having only one policy to think about in admin terms – renewal dates being the most obvious example.

Any driver cover is typically available

This can be a big help because it means you don’t have to worry driver by driver.

Do please note though that this is based upon the concept of “suitably qualified driver”. It means that the policy will define certain minimum age and licence type qualifications that must be adhered to. It may also define special conditions or exclusions for drivers who have certain types of motoring conviction.

We can help you to understand the ins and outs of all that!

Wide range of vehicles covered

The policies we provide can typically cover just about any vehicle defined as being commercial.

Of course, there might be some very special and unusual vehicle exceptions. We’d discuss those with you on a case by case basis but such issues are rare in our experience.

Overall Claims Rated and variable excess available

You’ll no doubt be pleased to know that our commercial fleet insurance policies:

  • typically offer a variable excess. What that means is that you can opt to pay a higher amount towards the costs of any future claim in return for a reduced premium (price). There will usually be a compulsory minimum excess with the policy, as per normal practice;
  • you’ll also typically have your premiums determined on the total claims experience of the total number of vehicles insured rather than a no claims discount. This means that if you don’t make claims within a year, your premium for the next year typically will be reduced by a sliding-scale discount (up to a specified maximum amount). This rewards sensible and conservative driving.

Our expertise on tap

Please forgive us blowing our own trumpet but we at Alan Blunden Insurance Brokers have been providing insurance policies in this area of the market since 1946 or thereabouts. What that means is that we know commercial fleet insurance inside-out.

All that expertise will be brought to bear to find you a suitable and cost-effective solution. That experience is something that just can’t be obtained from reading a book and it’s all at your disposal!

So, why not contact us to discuss your commercial fleet insurance requirements?